Vanilla Bread

Vanilla Bread was born after a long stint of standing still and watching the cars go by. Vanilla Bread is culmination of all the things I love; sweet smells, self care and originality. First time Vanilla Bread was born it was because a major medical event took control of my body, and the act of loving myself from the inside out would be the only treatment I needed to bring me back to myself. The rebirth happened when I lost my rhythm of my own heart and became Tone Deaf to my own life, and what I needed to be whole. 


Vanilla Bread is a love letter to my heart as it feeds my soul through the act of creation. I breath in the sweet smells, as it drifts pass my nose I close my eyes, and I smile in the satisfaction of knowing... I birthed you, and I name you Vanilla Bread. 


I take pride in knowing I source pure butters, 100% pure and natural essential oils and pure unprocessed fragrances to create the richest, body butter that I can be proud of and my steps to packaging are taken with the same care and consistency.


I create in love and package with care.  


Body Oil/Body Butter:


Closed Eyes:          Vanilla Citrus blend

Vanilla Fem:           Vanilla, Honey, and Cedar

Ginger Blues:         Ginger and Mint

Vanilla Black:         Vanilla,Rum, Honey 

Home Fragrances


Honey Sweet:         Citrus blend, Fig and Vanilla

Lemon Drop:           Citrus blend, Amber and Spice 

Saturday Morning:   Vanilla and Citrus blend

Focused:                Mint blends and Citrus mix

Summer Time:         Citrus blend


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