The Birth of Tone Deaf

Tone Deaf: Unable to hear the relative differences between musical notes.


 Tone Deaf was born because I felt like I lost my life rhythm. I remember asking myself " why are you operating

outside of the beat of your own heart, as if you are tone deaf". So the birth of Tone Deaf is just that,

it is the start of a new search of me, finding my life rhythm with God.


This walk will be like nothing I have ever taken before ( I will tell you the story when God woke me). I think for the

first time I am going to stand in my truth and really look at myself. I am going to stand still and let God

enlighten me, using the many lessons that have been central in my life . I am going to use this platform to reveal me to myself and through it, I believe God will show me who I am and show me how I got here. I pray that as I search for my life rhythm I can see myself clear, accept who I am and make the necessary changes to be not only who I am but who I want to be, .


The Intention

    Intention: The purpose or attitude of someone’s action.


    I remember the day I heard Oprah talk about the moment she made the decision to be true to herself in the production of her show.  She spoke about the competition and the fact that at that time the vibe was controversy television and she found herself rolling around in the mud with everyone else. In a moment of revelation, she said she knew she was out of step with herself and needed a change. She told her producers that they must tell her the intention behind a show or idea before she would consider it because "behind every idea is an intention"


    It has been several years since I heard that, but the power of the words have always stayed with me. On the first morning that God woke me to start this journey my mind went on the "what if" run and I really had to stop and pull myself back. I began to think about what is my intention when embarking on the very thought of creating a blog and here it is.

    My intention:


    First, I need to clear my head, heart and life of the clutter, so that I can open up space for; love, light and blessings.

    Second, I want to empty myself and all the things I know. I have been carrying bags and bags of jewels for quite a while and I want to get them out. In my life, I have had the blessing to come across some powerful men and women. When you hear jewels being dropped, you got to pick them up as if you were picking up rocks on the beach; collect them, study them and place them on the shelf for reference and I have done little of that.

    Third, I need to move my life forward. I've been in an ebb stage for a while and this stage keeps repeating itself. I need to find me again, she is in here and I can feel her. So, with all that said my intention is to be a part of the good in the world, to be clean in my heart and mind and finally be a child who did exactly what I was told to do and trust that no matter what... I am blessed.

    Fourth,  I really want you to read these pages and find something that can help you. Oprah says "Use your experience as a class" Well, this is my classroom and I pray we both find it a Blessing.

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