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Watching The Cars Go By

You ever wonder where does the time goes, especially if you are standing still waiting for something to happen. I once heard time is going to move whether you decide to or not, and how true is that statement.

It has been more than a year since I wrote the 1st line on this website, and as I write, I am asking myself why?, what happened that I benched myself and my life. Well let's see, I went into a construction project for 4 months which made my home life a sad state of affairs, from there it became about putting everything back together and creating a space I could create in, and then I lost my mojo. Honestly I can't even remember the end of 2019, but I do remember in my New Year's prayer praying for my mojo back.

In the beginning of 2020 I was ready, and decided to listen to my heart and then the world was hit by Rona and the wheels on my bus stop rolling. Like so many during this time I say to anyone and everyone if you have not; cried, yelled, shopped or gained weight in these last 6 months congratulations to you. I admit-tingly have done all of the above, and mentally being all over the place is an understatement. We are now looking at the end of the year, can you believe it,and I must say in this time of crisis still; love has been discovered, babies have been born and new inventions have been created. Most of all, I and thankful for my renewed an appreciation for life, home and family which are the most important piece in my life puzzle. I am thankful, I am thankful for the sun and the rain.

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