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The Day God Woke Me

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

I usually woke up early in the morning. After being out of work for a couple of months due to a conflict (a story I will tell you later) my waking time stayed the same. I knew that when it was time for me to go back to work, I would fall right back in the groove. As time went on the battle continued. I began to question the purpose of loving a job that did not love me and when I got the OK from God to end my relationship, I did. I would still wake early and begin the day of job hunting, cleaning and reorganizing (I was Marie Kondo-ing my life) but as the months went by there were three (3) things that became clear, no one was biting at my resume, I needed to create some revenue and God was keeping me financially and spiritually

I became so frustrated, I could not figure out why NO ONE was biting at my resume. One day while cleaning up I was thinking, what can I do to create some income and like the wind, I heard Do What You Know and I did, I started a cleaning business. I struggled with this because I didn't want to clean homes, I didn't want to do backbreaking work but, I needed funds. One night I said to God, I am not asking for money to fall out of the sky I ask you to let me live "by the sweat of my own brow" and I did the work. I was proud of my work and my business. I'd wake up knowing I was responsible for my well-being. Things were going good, I developed relationships with clients and I had a team (my family) but, after a while, things began to change, my clients decreased and I spent more than I was earning. Monitoring my checking account became "par for the course" just to make sure I was accountable for every penny I had. I outlined my expenses and I knew how many months I had before I would reach a critical moment. I remember hearing my pastor say, many times God will save us from ourselves God will give us what we need and not always what we want.

When the letter came in the mail informing me that I was eligible for a job I had applied for over a year ago (while I was still employed) I didn't know how to feel. I knew I needed the income but, this wasn't the job I wanted. I remember hearing Oprah and Iyanla speak about the signs from God, God will throw a pebble, a rock and then a bolder to get your attention and I knew this pebble was my sign. I began working on the weekend while I hunted for business during the week. During the weekday I started to wake up in the mid-morning hours, I thought it was because I had so much on my mind. I tried everything to get back to sleep. Finally, if I stayed awake too long I would just get up, get dressed and go to the gym. This went on for more than a month, always around the 3 o'clock hour and I could not figure out what was going on. The late Wayne Dyer says, when God wakes you-you should get up and answer the call so, I did. The next morning I woke, I meditated instead of clouding my head with outside voices. I listened for God oftentimes only hearing my own thoughts. This process of asking and listening for God became part of my early morning ritual. Then one day, I heard God in my soul, it was 3:36am. I listened to the plan for this journey and I cried and I listened to what I am supposed to do (write a blog) and why, all I could do is say Thank You, God. After I got out of bed, I went over to my phone and googled 3:36 and I saw the message I believe God wanted me to see and again I cried in reverence.

A week later, I checked my account I had 2 months left of savings to cover my expenses and I was like "Ok God, what's up" I was nervous. Since separating from my job, I had several issues, taking one step forward and two or three steps back. One day, I went to inquire about a certificate program I read about in the paper. Little did I know, the person I was questioning about the program was the Executive Director. She asked to see my resume, she says there was something about me. I gave her my resume and she asked if she could keep it. I left and later that day, I sent her a letter of thanks. I moved on because I had one (1) month to find a source of income before things got critical. I got a phone call about two weeks later after giving my resume to the executive director. After polite introductions I heard, I received your resume from my colleague and I was wondering if you would be open to meet with me about a job. Now earlier I told you I was in need of a job I had to find a source of income but, once again this was not what I wanted. Once again I thought about the story of the pebble, the rock and the boulder and I went to the interview.

Now, I was happy I had the job situation settled but, I was also sad because these were not the jobs I was looking for. I said to the Lord you put me on a journey, so how am I going to get it done and this is where I am. I am listening, praying and not moving until I am told to move. I am blessed because I have rich soil under my feet and lessons that I have taken in for years that I need to apply to my life. These lessons are what I am supposed to share within the pages of the blog and build my new thoughts on. I heard Oprah say, use your life as a classroom so I know that whatever happens here is suppose to happen. I know that if you found this page, you will understand God sent you here because there is a mission for you and me and we should be open to hearing it.

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