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Eyes on the Prize


I like you, have been lucky to witness many G.O.A.T’s in my life. To name one, you would have to name many others. How could I name Michael Jordan without naming Ervin “Magic” Johnson and, naming “Magic” Johnson means naming Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and so on.

The term G.O.A.T has a bit of an underlined connotation for me. By the world's understanding G.O.A.T - is a person whose actions impacted their area of expertise so greatly that their mere presence forces others to strive to be their best. What God taught me is, these are the people who live and breathe their blessing. These are the people who have allowed their souls to cry out in releasing what was inside of them and, these are the people who have allowed that blessing to take them places that only God knew was there for them. It’s the understanding that we as humans could never dream a dream as big as God.

Through this, I understand Iyanla’s word of the week in the Awakening App “Willingness”, it is the understanding that you have what you have from God but, the question is are you willing to do the work.

As Iyanla begins to speak about the intention of the word she then asks are you willing to do the work, I immediately said “YES” but, is that my truth? Have I been willing to do the work that is necessary to bring who I am (the God Me) to the forefront? and, am I prepared to do the work now?

The thought came to me as I listened to the news that the G.O.A.T of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld had passed. As I listened to the segment about Karl Lagerfeld's contribution to the House of Chanel and, predictions about Chanel’s future one thing struck me, Karl Lagerfeld truly let his soul cry through his creativity. Thirty –Six (36) years of doing not only what you love but, what synergies your spirit is nothing but a gift from God. Many of us wake every day, going to a place we really don’t want to go to and doing what we don’t really don’t want to do - as we try to figure out how do I do what I want to do? How do I get to that place where what I do is who I am?

Karl Lagerfeld lived that kind of life, the life that your work is driven by your soul, that you breathe what you do and that your heartbeat is the acknowledgment that you are living your best life. I also understand that Karl Lagerfeld like many other G.O.A.T’s was willing; willing to do the work, willing to stay the course and willing to fight through the waves. Willingness is an everyday journey. Willingness is about staying on course every day but, even if you fall off Monday get up on Tuesday and do what you have to do. Willingness is clear in the life of Karl Lagerfeld (The Chanel G.O.A.T), he was willing and through his willingness God allowed him to make an impact on the world of fashion and the House of Chanel.

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