Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom

I've accepted my reality.

I was meant to sound

the way I do.

Kathleen Battle

Casting Crowns "Slow Fade"
talks about the slow
departure from your
relationship with God
"When you give yourself away,
the Black and White turns to Grey"
Its like when you move 
through life with your eyes wide
shut and before you know it
you are off course. You
 don't know how
you got there and you can't
find the first steps to get back. 
I want to get back to the
Black & White.
I want to know when and where
I got off course.  I want to reclaim
the person whose thoughts and actions
were one.
 This is my journey with God,
to help me find the me that
was created to do all things.

Gems & Jewels

"Don't cry when you quit,

cry to keep going"

- Eric Thomas

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